Project Group

Department of Business and Sustainability, SDU

Jan Stentoft
Professor og projektleder
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About Jan

Jan’s research primarily focuses on practical applications. He is passionate about various aspects of Supply Chain Management, including Supply Chain Resilience, Supply Chain Innovation, lean philosophy, Sales & Operations Planning, Business Continuity Management, and the localization of production from a global perspective, with a specific emphasis on leveraging new digital technologies. Jan has practical industry experience from positions at Dandy, Gumlink, and LEGO, and he continues to contribute as a management consultant in various ongoing projects.

Ole Stegmann Mikkelsen
Associate Professor
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About Ole

Ole’s research and teaching focus on a range of areas, including Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Resilience and Risk Management, Strategic and Global Sourcing, Supply Chain Innovation, Sales & Operations Planning, and production localization from a global perspective. Adding to his academic expertise Ole brings valuable practical industry experience gained from positions held at Milliken Denmark A/S and Danfoss A/S.

Center for War Studies, SDU

Olivier Schmitt
Professor (wsr)
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About Olivier

Olivier’s work focuses on contemporary international security issues, including defense policies and modern warfare. His recent work has focused on change and transformation in military organizations, thus combining insights from organizational and security studies. He is a reserve officer in the French Air and Space force, as well as an associate fellow of RAND Europe, and has worked at the French ministry of armed forces and in the “Operations” division at NATO.

Vincent Keating
Associate Professor
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About Vincent

Vincent’s research falls in the field of security studies from the perspective of political sociology and political theory. His previous research has examined how states and non-governmental organizations maintain trust and legitimacy, how the ideological attraction of Russian values lead Western populist groups to support Russian foreign policy, and how states make choices between human rights and security.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, SDU

Marco Peressotti
Associate Professor
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About Marco

Marco’s research mission is to make it more effective to program, analyse, and secure digital systems. He develops new methods and tools for supporting people in developing and maintaining correct and secure software, especially complex interconnected systems like those at the heart of the digital transition. An overarching theme of his research approach is the use of techniques from cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and programming languages and the aim for a unifying mathematical perspective.

Peter Mayer
Assistant Professor
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About Peter

Peter researches “End-user Viable Information Security & Privacy Solutions”. Thereby, independently of whether the end-user of a security solution is a lay-person, an admin, or a developer, the focus lies on making security & privacy solutions viable for the target audience by taking into consideration their specific needs and skill sets. An important role in this research plays understanding end-users’ mental models, i.e., in which ways they think cybersecurity affects them as well as how effective countermeasures are.

Fabrizio Montesi
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About Fabrizio

Fabrizio researches new programming principles and technology that enhance productivity, reliability, and security. He pioneered the paradigm of choreographic programming for integration protocols and maintains the service-oriented programming language Jolie. Fabrizio is a Villum Young Investigator and recipient of several awards for science and innovation, including the EAPLS Best PhD Dissertation Award and the Best Thesis in ICT Award from the General Confederation of Italian Industry. He serves as President of the international Microservices Community.


Narongrit Unwerawattana
Scientific Software Developer
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About Narongrit (Kie)

Narongrit (Kie) is a software developer at IMADA. His interests include software development, software architecture, and cloud computing. He plays a developer role in digital transformation projects, turning ideas into usable applications. He is a maintainer of the service’s oriented programming language, Jolie. He has experience working in the enterprise as part of the development team for a financial tech startup in Thailand, where he developed his interests and contributed to the company’s core services.

Judith Kankam-Boateng
PhD Student
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About Judith

Judith has a BSc in information technology and a master’s degree in law, digital innovation and sustainability with a focus on digitalisation. She has a great research interest in databases, programming and software development. Judith has, among other things, worked as a teaching assistant for a course in new technologies in AI, ML and Blockchain Technologies. She has expertise in ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, and she has experience as a Business Analyst, Product Owner and Scrum Master.


Royal Danish Defence College

Amelie Theussen
Associate Professor
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About Amelie

Amelie’s research focuses on the security situation in the Arctic and Baltic Sea region, Danish and German security and defence policy, and the question of how war changes and how that affects political and legal norms regarding the use of force. Amelie also designs and executes award-winning simulation exercises for universities and military training.